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Name: Yoni                                          
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Age: 17
Location: Israel
Website: http://yoni.valhallalegends.com

Decription: nerdy, but lovable Mathaholics anonymous is for Yoni

We Went to the people who knows him the best and asked them about him

Interview with Yoni’s Best Friend Click here

[13:37:50] <xXx> in your own words

[13:37:55] <xXx> how would you describe yoni
[13:38:01] <DarkMinion[vL]> nerdy, but lovable
[13:38:25] <xXx> It is said he loves math
[13:38:29] <xXx> is this true
[13:39:02] <DarkMinion[vL]> Yes
[13:39:14] <xXx> would you say hes addicted to math?

[13:39:22] <DarkMinion[vL]> I would assume so
[13:39:25] <xXx> would he kill for math?
[13:39:32] <DarkMinion[vL]> Mathaholics anonymous is for Yoni
[13:39:50] <DarkMinion[vL]> Or mathematicsaholics anonymous
[13:39:50] <LivedKrad> so
[13:39:54] <LivedKrad> Yoni is leet at math?

[13:40:10] <DarkMinion[vL]> Super leet
[13:40:24] <Yoni[vL]> So leet, people speak of my leetness in my absence

He was unaware at what we were doing
[13:42:03] <Yoni[vL]> What are you interviewing DM about me for? :P

Yoni is looking for someone with the kind of passion
he has for math Yoni is completely Straight so please only woman email this [email protected]

please make the subject either Yoni
so we know
who to forward it to.

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