NerD of The Week

Name: Salvad Ballarta                                       
Profile: Clan: The Confederation
Handle: SyXx(ConFed)                                                    
Rank: President
Mental Age: 71                                                                
Branch: High Command
Age: 26                                                                             
:+:Keepers Of Honor:+:
Location: Katy, Texas

Are you kidding me? keepers of honor of what Little boys?

Pedofile Alert!

This user likes to pick up small boys but for the most part he likes to pick up
small girls
Bewarned if you get near him and he finds out your under the age of 14. He will
try to smooth talk you.

It is said that if a girl joins his clan the
promotion rate is easy. All you have to do is beg and flirt with him.
If your a girl in the clan under the age of 14 watch out he will bug you until
you give out personal info.

We decided to test this theory and in fact he took the fake pictures we googled
and we got promoted in no time way above a lot of the hard working males in that



Watch out for this guy he lures you to places. Boys and Girls be warned.
People keep your children safe and report the authorities if you see this guy.

You can check out his Myspace as well the URL is here:

*Notice how on his myspace the only friend he has is a 14 year old girl.

Let him know how you feel you can contact him on aim here:

Everyone on knows that he’s a loser. He actually thinks people
like him but his clan talks about how pathetic
he is all the time. I guess he actually thinks people like him. Most of
his clan would rather have another leader then him.

[10:29:29 AM] ~ <Denial> hmm
[10:29:36 AM] ~ <Denial> what do you guys think about syxx?
[10:30:03 AM] ~ <[email protected]> hes
a loser
[10:30:12 AM] ~ <[email protected]> damn pedophile =/
[10:32:22 AM] ~ <DayWalker-X20> I hate that fag
[10:32:31 AM] ~ <Skyrider-x20> He is such a loser

* 16 of the 20 people we asked that are
infact members of his clan agree with us but we decided not to post their names
   to syxx might pms again and ban them all.

I think we have proven our point. It’s not
that we hate him it’s that he treats guys like shit and flirts with anyone
 who says they are a girl. He also supposedly has two kids. Which he
probably adopted himself so we could "have fun" with them.

He dates members of his own clan. It’s pretty pathetic I would have to say.

So in conclusion if you want a high rank in ConFed 
just pretend to be a girl and google pictures and show syxx then flirt with him.
Instant promotion. Just make sure to be under the age of 15 that’s when he stops
being intrested.


Sally is a guy who loves the cock so if your anything
like michael jackson email this [email protected]

please make the subject either Sally
Pedofile so we know
who to forward it to.

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