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Battle.net Account: JasmineJade , GirlsGoneBad

Fake Name: Jasmine Wheelz

Real name: James Grednrose

Online Age: 23

Real Life Age: 35 – 62

Aliases: gothchick bondagebabe demonicbabe missuniverse supergirl angelslove
Girlsgotgame and many more.

We had no problems with this user in the beginning. Even after this user
started talking to me about liking me and having a crush on me for many years.In
the beginning she whispered me and i didn’t remember who she was because i don’t
really remember many people then she explained her life story to me and said she
has liked me for several years. So i wanted to get proof she was a girl so i
asked her for her telephone number or to go on webcam. She replied with. I’ll
give you my msn to show you on webcam. Three minutes later she was making up
excuses in how she didnt want to get on webcam and didnt want me to call her
until valentines day because it would be so romantic. I Just wanted her phone
number so i could prove she was really a man or a old woman. Yet she continued
about her whole romantic shit over the internet. She also said she doesnt like
to see what people look like because it ruins her fantasy of they can look like
whatever she wants.  I figured I would still be nice to her/him. This whole
problem started about February 20th or so. When she was in a chatroom channel
randomly insulting me. I warned her several times to stop yet she continued. So
I decided to take it apon myself to expose this person for who they really are.

This person got into a car accident with a snowplower when she/he was a kid and
ever since then has been mounted to a wheelchair for the rest of his/her life.

[11:35:48 PM] <1337Sawse> Fucking jasmine would be so
weird, her dead legs flinging all over the place

From what we know he/she works at home for minimum wage doing customer
support for some stupid company.

This user decides to make up so many lies about many users. For example she
brought up that she and amazin_J dated which can never be true since he is into
little kids.

She next mentioned that i liked her which in no way is true she is just made
that she had a huge crush on me and i crushed her heart by spamming her phone
number and address. Which lately I heard after 3 weeks of everyone in the world
calling it was disconnected. As you can see the old information below.

Holubar, Rita R

2402 Avenue B

Council Bluffs, IA 51501-2210

(712) 256-7025

[7:36:33 PM] ~ <From: GirlsGotGame> you shouldnt have brought bnet into real
life big mistake

After i did this she went really crazy on me saying that i was mad
because i didn’t call her for valentines day and she bugged me for months to
post the logs. I posted the side that she whispered just to annoy her. She said
she had all the logs to and would expose me for who i am. When we told her to go
ahead and post my side of the logs she shouted back i was to scared to post my
logs which easily proves she is bullshit completely.

[12:32:43 PM] <JasmineJade> wich one of u little
niggers belongs to this nubmber302-628-1542 cuz tyou have been reported to phone
company and police just thought you should know

Also she tried to threaten me by telling the whole channel that she hired
a private detective to find me and to track me down and everything. She also
stated that she got battle.net and the police involved

[1:05:20 PM] <JasmineJade> did u know i got a letter
from bnet?

[1:05:41 PM] <JasmineJade> the police have supeona thier records for u sex

[3:11:31 AM] ~ <JasmineJade> o well better than that soon to be deleted dave

*Sex is one of my aliases on battle.net on
the @useast server

Now apparently this person can think she can put curses on people as well.
So far she has put a curse on myself. Skank. also known as filthy. whoes name is
christine. Sweettemptation who is known as sophie and other numerious people.

[1:46:50 PM] <JasmineJade> sweet can i cast a spell
on you?

[1:57:18 AM] <JasmineJade> dower can i cast a spell on you?

[1:59:56 AM] <JasmineJade> i cast a spell on you

Jasmine has posted several fake pictures of herself throughout the years.
Pretending to be asian, korean japanese and american.

The following link is a link she has showed several people that these are


The password to login to the private section of this website it used to be
net(space space) wt (space space)

The next person she decided to pretend to be was as followed:

< Click picture for fullsized picture

So pretty much to sum up everything. Jasmine or Wheelz or shim. Whatever
you would like to refurr her as. She lives life on battle.net for a while then
switches accounts so she can be liked again. Until people find out who she
really was then she disappears for a while trying to find some internet guy that
will like her for the fake person she is and not find out she sits in a

[11:59:59 PM] <JasmineJade> and if anyone is eating
my baby its me

[12:07:19 AM] <JasmineJade> im 5’0 and about 102 now

[05:17:31 PM] <JasmineJade> i am 5’4 and around 115

[12:07:45 AM] <JasmineJade> i was size 0

[12:07:49 AM] <JasmineJade> now my ass is huge

[12:08:28 AM] <kobesKi> JasmineJade: die in a fire, chink

[12:08:35 AM] <JasmineJade> u know u owe me sorry

[12:15:52 AM] <JasmineJade> i just puked a lil in my mouth

[12:16:18 AM] <JasmineJade> why would u want to see sperm on a girl u like?

[12:17:18 AM] <crom879> jasmine is a big fatty

[12:18:00 AM] <JasmineJade> dave is a little ass

She’s always talking about me when I’m not around. Obsessed it would seem. Even
when i am there i ignore her completely and all she does is try to insult me or
talk about me to others.

[12:22:25 AM] <JasmineJade> you know the numbers for infomercials and stuff u
see on tv?

[12:22:31 AM] <JasmineJade> im an operator at one of them now lol

[12:27:10 AM] <kobesKi> JasmineJade, i know you are jealous of her, but i am
just not attracted to crippled slants

[12:29:05 AM] <JasmineJade> u owe me apology

[12:29:19 AM] <kobesKi> suck it you dumb slant i don’t owe you shit

[5:31:36 AM] <JasmineJade> you know who i am deno?

[5:31:57 AM] <JasmineJade> girlsgotgame supergirl sexkitty girlgonewild

[7:26:44 PM] <GirlsGotGame> wekll i called a privAte
investigator specializing in internet stuff actualy

[7:27:10 PM] <GirlsGotGame> will cost 500$ but it will be worth it

[7:27:34 PM] <GirlsGotGame> im going to ruin his life

[12:02:38 PM] <GirlsGotGame> RighteousNuts = Denial

[12:02:40 PM] <GirlsGotGame> I have quotes

[12:05:53 PM] <GirlsGotGame> WAAAA im so emo

[12:05:59 PM] <GirlsGotGame> im in a wheelchair

[12:06:02 PM] <GirlsGotGame> i hate my life

[12:06:07 PM] <GirlsGotGame> Denail ruined my life

[12:06:10 PM] <GirlsGotGame> I HATE HIM!

[12:06:13 PM] <GirlsGotGame> I HATE HIS GUTS

[12:06:18 PM] <GirlsGotGame> 300 dollars to anyone who gets his phone number

[12:06:22 PM] <GirlsGotGame> I wanna to fucking kill him

[12:06:23 PM] <lance85> emo girl

[12:06:26 PM] <GirlsGotGame> I think ima kill myself

[12:06:32 PM] <GirlsGotGame> I really have herpes

[12:06:33 PM] <GirlsGotGame> he doesnt

[12:06:36 PM] <GirlsGotGame> and im fat

[12:06:40 PM] <GirlsGotGame> i need my slimfast

[1:31:08 PM] <SweetTemptation> [1:30:30 PM] <From GirlsGotGame> You = Denial!

This is me on her account below

[1:41:22 PM] <GirlsGotGame> WAAAAAAAA im in a
wheelchair WAAAAA feel sorry for me WAAAAA i should kill myself WAAAAAAAA i lost
my best friend WAAAAAAAAAA

[1:41:26 PM] <GirlsGotGame> WAAAAAAAA im in a wheelchair WAAAAA feel sorry for
me WAAAAA i should kill myself WAAAAAAAA i lost my best friend WAAAAAAAAAA

[2:04:41 PM] <GirlsGotGame> God has a purpose for me but i dont know he would
make me sit in this wheelchair im so lonely i wanna suicide!

Superman didn’t even want to live in a wheelchair

Please forward all emails about this user or to this
nerd to [email protected] with
the title “wheelz”.

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