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     Account: GirlGoneBad
Fake Name: jennifer frankferni
Real name: Ted Gimmsim 
Age: 38
Aliases: GirlGoneBoy, AussieDike, Phaggy.

The newest addition to this page needs a bit of detailed describing. This
user protects all the shims ( shims are guys who pretend to be woman).
For many years this user has been pretending to be a girl. Years ago the user
said "she" was from Australia but now says that she is from New York.

This user also posts a myspace url saying that it is her and that her boyfriend

Let’s explain this a little bit for you all to understand. Girlgonebad is
trying to convince everyone that
is her myspace. As well as The boyfriend on that
myspace is her actual boyfriend (The boyfriends myspace
which she talks about 24/7. Below we have talked to both of the people that she
said were here’s and here is what they had to say.


This is the first myspace message we sent directly to the real girlgonebad 
Screen Shot Here

This is the response we got back from the real girlgonebad
Screen Shot here

Now during this while time the real girlgonebad’s boyfriend I have been
talking to and we talked about music and a new advice website that I was going
to create. Also we talked about the fake girlgonebad
Screen Shot Here

As you can see we shall sum this up. Girlgonebad is completely fake. She
really wants to pretend to be an american with a boyfriend. The truth of it all
is she’s from Australia. If none of this was proof enough She signed up for a
website that we have access to. Normally we don’t give out info but seeing as
how we hate liars this will be an acception

As you can see below it lists the name. The email the ipaddress.

Now Take the ip address

Host Address for
IP address resolves to

Resolves to Australia. She will argue that she uses a proxy. Funny how it’s a
proxy from Australia and not anywhere else. The fact is shes from Australia

Shes really old we’re not sure if shes really a woman because she won’t get
on the phone or take a picture. It doesn’t really matter though because everyone
dislikes her.

[6:53:17 PM] ~ <Sex> Viking, what is your opinion of
[6:53:25 PM] ~ <Crab-Mangler> that bitch is fucking stupid!!!!!!!
[6:53:35 PM] ~ <Viking_Queen> I dont think of her enough to make an opinion
[6:53:59 PM] ~ <Sex> So im safe to assume you dont think of her as a friend?
[6:54:09 PM] ~ <Crab-Mangler> no that bitch is fucking retarded

[6:49:51 PM] ~ <Sex> are you dating ggb?
[6:49:54 PM] ~ <Crab-Mangler> PFFT
[6:49:55 PM] ~ <Crab-Mangler> FUCK NO

[6:55:12 PM] ~ <From: SweetTemptation> GGB is phag.
[6:55:24 PM] ~ <From: RighteousNuts> GuyGoneBoy?
[6:55:25 PM] ~ <From: DivineNihilism> GGB? She’s a cunt
[6:55:35 PM] ~ <From: filthy.> I love GirlGoneBad, she’s like my idol.
[6:55:58 PM] ~ <From: filthy.> I wish I had as big of a cock as her.

[6:56:45 PM] ~ <From: CeLSiuS> ggb is fuckin stupid

As you can see from the people in the channel no one likes her. Those who
pretend to like her and be her friend hate her when she’s not around. It’s kind
of pathetic really.

To finish this whole thing off. We just wanted to say GirlGoneShim needs to come
to this fantasy world because when he was a little boy his dad took him behind
the wood shed and… I’m sure i don’t need to go into details.

Please forward all emails about this user or to this
nerd to [email protected] with
the title "girlgoneshim".

If you see this message then you need to install plug-in support for windows media player

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