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Recently we have located a pedophile that has infiltrated the gaming
realm. This user mostly uses blizzard games. Signing on as the user
Amazin_J. There have been many victims in the cases of this user. Blizzard has
been trying for years to find substantial evidence to convict this child

It seems that he lures his victims out of their homes to parks and other
places that would appear to be safe for a normal kid to visit but he waits for
them ties them up and puts them in his unmarked van. He has also been suspected
as going as far as Canada to visit a child.

Name: Justin Muenro

Age: 26

Aliases: Amazin_J, Young John, Pappa Smurf, Jack the Pedo, Jason Slimmy

Myspace: Amazin_J

Suspected Victims:"

Name: Jason
Name: Kevin

Age: 2 years
Age: 6 years

Date Abused: 12/04/1997        
Date Abused: 6/01/1999

Name: Kelly
Name: James

Age: 11
Age: 5

Date abused: 6/08/2003
Date abused: 8/01/2006

The Police are getting closer as we speak Recently The picture below was found
showing how corrupt he is and at what age he starts to molest young kids at.

Click here to see
the picture of him making a young boy drink alcohol

Justin has two ways to get little kids. His first choice is to get them through
the internet mostly from a blizzard maintained server called which
hosts several popular games.

The second way Justin gets little kids is he puts an advertisement out saying.
He’s a good baby sister and can baby sit your kids for almost little money
because kids bring him joy.

Warning we have finally got enough evidence to get
this guy put in jail he is now on the run we need your help in catching him the
last time he was seen he said this.

[1:41:02 AM] ~ <AmAzIn_J> Well

[1:41:05 AM] ~ <AmAzIn_J> Good bye bnet.

[1:41:20 AM] ~ <AmAzIn_J> I’m done with you. Not interesting anymore. Nobody

[1:41:54 AM] ~ <Sex> can i have your account atleast?

As you can see he has given up his hot spot of
finding underage children and is moving elsewhere.

Justin was once a promient member of the church you can check our his
church below

Justin’s Church

So far we have had 11 reports of people that he might have been involved
in but

we haven’t had enough proof to pin anything on him. Please for the sake of the
children if you have any information. Let us know. Your voice will be heard
Email is at [email protected]

- Staff

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